My Columbia Childhood – by Timothy Duquette

My Columbia Childhood – by Timothy Duquette

This is the story on my childhood in Columbia, Maryland.

Many years ago when I was a boy, I spent a lot of time playing with my mom and dad . We went everywhere in Columbia together – to the zoo and to the farm to see  the animals and to ride the horses – which I loved. Each day I spent in Columbia I became increasingly a lover of Columbia. As I’ve grown up, I still like to take advantage of the opportunities that Columbia has to offer – going to the movies, out to eat or even just to look around.

I’ve been a member of the Columbia Association since I was 5 years old , I took classes in the Kidspaces ( back then is was WKYS ) and was enroled in swimming lessons when I was 5 years old for those with special needs. I did not like it at all and all I did was sit in the water to begin with but thanks to my grandpa I started to enjoy it and have since earned a number of medals in the special olympics.

I love how we work, live and play in Columbia and make it a better place. The Columbia Association helps me to achieve my dreams and I am happy to have been born in Columbia.

Adapted from the words of Timothy Duquette