Columbia 50th Birthday Logo

The Columbia 50 logo was designed to celebrate Columbia’s 50 birthday, drawing inspiration from
Columbia’s vision and mission statements about diversity, a sense of community and an appreciation
of the uniqueness of Columbia, including continuing to strive for a progressive, inclusive city.
The logo’s color palette reflects diversity with its multi-colored letter forms — transparent and
overlapping, creating layers of combined colors intended to symbolize inclusion within the diversity.
The number 50 rising from the horizontal plane of “Columbia” suggests the future of Columbia —
next 50 years on the horizon.

Using the Columbia 50 logo:

The Columbia 50 logo is available in two variations. Because of the intentional multi-colored transparent
design, it is recommended that both variations print four color on a white background. A black and white
logo should only be used in black only printing. There is no reverse white version of the logo.


This variation is appropriate for most logo needs with a suggested minimum width of 2.5″


This variation is appropriate for a small, square or vertical space.


Suggested minimum width of 1.25″ with underliner or 1″ without underliner.


Columbia 50 Logo Guidelines:

Fonts used in Logotype: ITC Lubalin Graph Demi (Columbia), Lubalin Graph (Maryland)
Fonts used in Underliner: Helvetica Light, Helvetica Bold


Color Specifications:


Black and white logo should only be used in black only printing.




Please do not:

  • Horizontally or vertically scale the logo. (When enlarging/reducing logo, do not adjust the horizontal/vertical proportion in different amounts.)
  • Alter the colors.
  • Add additional graphic elements.
  • Place the logo in a box or other shape.
  • Screen back the logo. (Logo must be printed at 100% color, not a lower percentage.)
  • Change the proportions
  • Place the logo too close to other graphic elements or text. There should be at least a half inch clearance between the logo and other text or graphics.
  • Place the logo at an angle.


If you need more information about Columbia 50 logo usage please call Marlys East, Managing
Director, Columbia MD 50th at 410-423-1878 or email